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Work. Life. Balance…

Why have barriers in your life? Its no longer work – life balance. Why can’t work seamlessly integrate into your social life? It should bring you closer to your purpose. The office should be a temple of work where you come because its important and you want to, not because you have to.

Never miss another special moment

work_Life_Balance2People should enjoy their work so much that they should be looking forward to a Monday rather than a Friday.Our flexible work culture makes sure you never miss your child’s first steps, or are unable to help a sick parent, or say no to your friend’s big birthday bash. We offer work from home provisions as well. Someone now lets you work while lazing around in your cozy couch.

RCorp, your home away from home

work_Life_BalanceAt RCorp squeezing those last seconds from your life is never encouraged. Instead we aspire to become a part of your life’s comfort zone. RCorp is your home away from home. Your partners become your friends. We started this company as friends and friends of friends. Now, this closely knit group feels more like home. Our perfect understanding helps us work brilliantly, not to mention the fun we have off duty. When someone comes into RCorp they invest a part of themselves and the return, they say, is amazing. Here we make more than just colleagues and friends, welcome to our big fat happy family!
After all, we know the joy of sharing life with family does not have a price – only value!

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