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Meet RCorp

RCorp is made of people who don’t just accept the world they’ve been given, but explore their power to make it better. Welcome.

It is always a wonderful life here! At RCorp you are required to craft the most elegant solutions to the toughest and unforeseen problems of human life. Facilitating routine experience by racking our brains over every thing we see, questioning the answered and cracking the unvisited has been our tradition.


Administration is in minds and hence our system is free of hand-holding and bossy hierarchies. Freedom of expression is the fundamental right of an RCorper.


Dynamic and Diverse!

From core software solutions to socio-agri applications, from traffic control to wildlife watchdogs, our spectrum of study and analysis is designed to provide endless opportunities for a wide range of professionals. Amateur photographers collaborate with expert software engineers and instrumentation gurus find their way with renewable energy experts. Our small and closely knit teams enjoy the luxury of diverse backgrounds and extensive knowledge reservoirs.

Unleash your potential!


We get psyched by the thought of a new idea and presentations are duly organized to let our innovator put it forth. New ideas are selected, devoid of any bias owing to the source being a manager, employee or an intern. RCorpers are born innovating and imagining a different world and we make sure they get the desired resources and the perfect audience.


In our opinion, management is a quality and not a qualification. Hence all that is required to lead a team here is “Vision, Values and Vigour”. At RCorp you get to plan and manage real time projects, set deadlines, and provide deliverables; you get to discover your hidden genius!

Come, get introduced to the family.


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