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Ramanan Corporation, a company formed by a set of aspiring people who have strong beliefs and values, is truly the change which has been required for a long time. The ideology, work culture and the aspiration to explore beyond limits and boundaries is something which is not seen in a lot of companies in the current market space.

I always wanted to work in company where creative thinking, out-of-the-box approach, applying what we actually learned in college and constant innovation was required. At Ramanan Corporation I have always been encouraged to put forth new ideas and work as a strong team. (suggested edit: A flat hierarchy means that only on designation is someone is your boss, otherwise a friend and colleague to help you learn and expand the boundaries of your mind.)

The diversity of each of our projects has been the greatest avenue of knowledge for me. We develop latest software’s using mathematical analysis and help daily commuters. We feel for the cause of the Tigers and also for the farmers of our country. Using the power of technology and our knowledge we try to facilitate a common man’s life. The domain of our projects is just prolific!

(The Intern’s who work with us are active thinkers and hard working students. With their dedication to work, they help us move our projects further in the right direction. When they join they are mere students but when they leave they are polished professionals and that is something we wish to inculcate into more people. We also have a credit policy for every individual and depending on their rating we assign them more work and responsibility. The letters of recommendations are also drafted according to these ratings.)

Ramanan Corporation is the company you want to work in, if you enjoy an environment where along with serious work you see the lighter side of life, along with deadlines you also ensure quality and along with creativity (suggested: regularity) you ensure innovation.

Anshul Sood

Chief Strategy Officer
Ramanan Corporation

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