What We Do What We Do

Web Design

Standards Compliant

All our websites are designed to adhere to standards. This means no shortcuts, no free lunches to our web engineers. Every single character in the HTML of every single page is reviewed to make sure it follows the standard as layed out by the W3C.

Most web design companies stop after validating XHTML. At RCorp, we don’t follow standards because we are supposed to. We do it because we realise its benefits for our customers. We take it a step further and validate our CSS pages thoroughly as well.

Cross Browser Interoperability

Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, S60, Internet Explorer. Just a list of all major browsers in the market. Add to this version numbers as well FF 3.4, IE6+ etc. etc. And of course Operating System Windows, Mac, Linux.
browserInteropWe realize the importance of treating every single customer with care and respect. Why should only Chrome users get to see your website in full glory? Companies will often complain that making webpages look the same across an array of browsers is one of the toughest things to do. At RCorp, we don’t complain, we just show off. Have a look at this very page in each of the above browsers. We ensure that every single page we create is aesthetic and readable so that each user goes back happy irrespective of their browser or OS.

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