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Ramanan Corporation

RCorp.co.in blends elegance with playfulness effortlessly. While it is a company website, the designers have beautifully matched the might of the vision of Ramanan Corporation with that of the creativity it delivers.

Each section of the website has its own colour theme that reflects the brand identity of the company. It is rare that a corporate website has received so much critical acclaim for its design as well as functionality.

Visit www.RCorp.co.in


TCPO – Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India

Town and Country Planning Organisation was set up in 1962 with the merger of the erstwhile TPO by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. TCPO has been functioning as a technical wing of the Ministry of Urban Development.

The designers from RCorp meticulously designed every page to suit the needs of the 20+ divisions within the organisation. Content creators sifted through Government reports to provide the most relevent and important content for users. It was also important to design the site so it was consisted with the ‘look and feel’ of other government portals.

Visit www.tcpomud.gov.in
(Government of India)


Project Kalpana

Project Kalpana, is a not for profit initiative that was ideated with the vision of enabling a farmer to take smarter and more calculated decisions. To restore the sanctity and jubilation of this noble profession and to end the misery of the mainspring of our society. Kalpana brings the farmers to the, until now, denied world of information.

The website, still under construction, serves as a disiminator of information about the going ons at Project Kalpana as well as a resource for corporate partners and interested volunteers.

Weeks and weeks of blazing creativity has resulted in the deisgn of this site. Excellent use of imagery, without compromising on content has made it a hit.

You can catch a sneak peak at…

Visit www.ProjectKalpana.org/AboutUs


Total Quality Person … Gateway to God

TQP is a spiritual odyssey based on our Scriptures and ancient wisdom. It is a powerful value-based philosophy and a wonderful pilgrimage of continuous learning improvement leading to holistic happiness and success…

After the website’s design is finished, it would give valuable information about TQP, previous talks, videos and contact information to host TQp in your next workshop.


Visit www.TotalQualityPerson.com



A joint initiative from EDC, Manav Rachna International University (MRIU) and Ramanan Corporation (RCorp),. VIRTUOSO provides an oppurtunity for CITM / FET students to showcase their entrepreneurship and techincal skills.

Students participate in huge brainstorming sessions to come up with ideas on making facebook applications.

The aim was clear. The website would be a very simple one, yet be captivating enough to engage the first time visitor and get registrations.

Ramanan Corporation also hosted the site and provided the domain free of charge.

Visit Virtuoso.RCorp.co.in
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