What We Do What We Do

Software Engineering

We innovate and develop software which can be used directly by everyday internet users. Majority of our software are user oriented. From Saving Tigers to helping bus commuters.

At Ramanan Corporation we constantly strive to innovate and create software which make the whole computing experience even more exciting. software which should exist but are not present, software with better added features and software which make life just that much easier, are just a few things we do.

The domain of our software stretches from wildlife to common people and hardcore internet users to social networkers. We aim to provide the common people more power on the internet and want to bridge the gap between physical world and the digital world. The software we develop are very diverse and we like to keep it that way, have software for everything. The driving force behind all our projects is to concentrate on the real users on the internet.

We have teams of programmers constantly writing away codes in various languages including php, VB, VC#, Java to name a few. We realize that some of the youth of our country have a real passion for coding, they like making the computer do things there own way, and we provide just the platform for the same.

Our flat hierarchy promotes interaction amongst all teams and team leaders and makes the whole experience a very stress-free way of doing things. Software programmers are encouraged to put forth new ideas for software and are given extra credit for it. We promote the bright programmers of this country to innovate a new software every week if not everyday.

Our approach to software development is, “if you see anyone using a software that you have developed, that is when you get real satisfaction of your work and a sense of pride and because it makes you believe you have done something worthwhile.”

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