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Facebook Apps Development

Facebook Applications

At Ramanan Corporation we have a separate vertical for facebook programming. Keeping in mind the latest in technology, we develop a wide variety of facebook applications which are of a broad spectrum. From applications which are music based to applications which help third party websites connect to facebook users.

Why Facebook?

Leveraging the social graph of facebook, we create applications which have a greater reach than already existing ones. With the enormous amount of people using facebook, it gives us a exciting new industry to try out our skills.

Our Team

teamPostsOur team of programmers are constantly experimenting and creating new applications. Using there skills in languages like php, FBML, FQL and more, our team is dedicated to making the most of their skills. Our team also consists of people who are not hardcore programmers but have a keen interest in the field.





We encourage a flat hierarchy system and motivate all involved in the project to be creative and keep pumping in new ideas to the company.

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