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The Indian Agricultural Crisis is our problem. Our country is bleeding and is calling out for your help. We at Project Kalpana are trying to achieve a holistic solution for the problems of the farmers of the nation.

helpus2No matter who you are, where you are or what you do, you can help us out in a big way..


From Artists to Linguists…
From Advertising to Soil Testing…
From Server Specialists to Electronics Gurus…
From Voice artists to Web designers…
From PHP to Spectrophotometers….
From Internet Marketing to Marathi experts…
All are welcome!




Engineers, who currently have no pressing assignments can join us without worrying about long term commitments. Remember that we constantly generate content for our website and other publications so if you can write a word or two, even that is most welcome!

We regularly visit the remote villages of the country. Thus, if you seek adventure with an objective of helping people you are strongly recommended to join us.

You can come forward and be a part of the Core Team or help behind the scenes. The very point that you join us means a lot to us and we do not force you to do anything. It is absolutely your own choice. We believe that the cause itself is a good motivation for you.

When we have such a lofty aim to help our country and its 250 Million suffering farmers, making money seems so futile. This is a complete Non-Profit project and we intend to do our best to provide farmers with services FREE of cost! However for such a humongous project we do need Investment and effort. you could always help us out in effort as described above. you could also help us out in the investment part by donations. We believe Generosity has nothing to do with the Bank Balance, it is a state of mind.

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