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About Project Kalpana

project_kalpanaOur farmers feed the nation of more than a billion, yet many of them fail to feed their own family and die indebted.
Project Kalpana is a non-profit initiative dedicated to the cause of these half a billion people…Its time we realise the truth. More than 18,000 farmers are taking their own lives every year, leaving behind shocked family members, who wonder how they will manage their child’s next meal in                                                                                                                  the face of increasing adversities.

2,16,500 farmers have committed suicide since 1997

This means, one farmer is committing suicide every 30 minutes for more than a decade now. Reports and surveys have suggested that “huge debt due to decline in profits” is the key factor for the psychological melt down of the 60 percent of the population of our agriculture dependent economy.

Rs. 400 a month.

Thats the average salaray of an Indian farmer. Their basic diet has gone out of budget. Now, Tuar Dal costs more than Rs 100 a kg.

How will a person with hundreds of rupees of loan on his head and an income as meager and measly as
15 rupees a day even eat a stomach full?

The same food which they produced and sold at dirt price came back at a rate many times higher than their family’s total daily income.

Many have not thought of more than two meals a day for generations…

They just can not dare to dream about a better life.

This is what you call a crisis, a critical situation where no body is fit enough to survive to live up to the Darwin’s survival laws.

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We believe we can bring winds of change…

Project Kalpana was ideated with the vision of enabling a farmer to take smarter and more calculated decisions. To restore the sanctity and jubilation of this noble profession and to end the misery of the mainspring of our society.

Kalpana brings the farmers to the, until now, denied world of information. A world where just a click can take them to soil reports from research labs. Even while they are in their field, alerts can keep them up to date about the rainfall, temperature and other factors critical to the growth of their crops.

A touch lets them watch changing trends of mandi prices & the commodity index. It introduces them to the newest farming techniques of the world. We build portable user-friendly touch-systems which equip farmers with the most valuable resource of mankind, Knowledge!

Knowledge can help them

Reduce cost of farm produce
Increase the productivity and
Live sustenabily.

Feel the need to revolutionize the system? Here’s a chance…

To make this project a national success we need Engineers( Instrumentation, CSE/IT, Electronics, BioTech) , Agriculturists, Mass Comm and many more…

Come, lets serve our country. Join Us

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