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Our farmers feed the nation of more than a billion, yet many of them fail to feed their own family and die indebted.
Project Kalpana is a non-profit initiative dedicated to the cause of these half a billion people…

Its time we realise the truth. More than 18,000 farmers are taking their own lives every year, leaving behind shocked family members, who wonder how they will manage their child’s next meal in the face of increasing adversities.

2,16,500 farmers have committed suicide since 1997


Creativity at its best! Rumpus stands for commotion, colour, freshness… Qualities we use in design, to communicate in the right direction.


RumpusCreations is the design unit at Ramanan Corporation. We specialize in out of the box attractive presentations for online and offline needs. RumpusCreations provides design & development services for marketing and promotional, material.

Posters, flyers, brochures, sales letter as well as business solutions like logo design, internal document design, cover pages. All resources necessary to give you a corporate identity. Web graphics, UI design.


Its the newest platform and everyone’s on it! Whether its just to promote your personal presence, or

As a complete web solutions company we offer user-specific web design services. RCorp can help you achieve an online presence on the world wide web, whether you are a small business or a large corporate that delivers the very best for you and your clients. If your goal is to be an online entity and provide relevant information, product features and e-commerce or online services, we can ensure a direct, informative, user-friendly and interactive approach to all your customers. We aim to create websites which convert a potential buyer into a definite one.

We utilize the skills of web designers, experienced specialist programmers, content writers, search engine registration specialists, Flash multimedia designer and business management experts. Our customized solutions are designed to create a competitive custom website design at an affordable price. Our Software Planners will consult with you in order to define the best possible solution that fits your business.

Software Product Development

We innovate and develop software which can be used directly by everyday internet users. Majority of our software are user oriented. From Saving Tigers to helping bus commuters.

At Ramanan Corporation we constantly strive to innovate and create software which make the whole computing experience even more exciting. software which should exist but are not present, software with better added features and software which make life just that much easier, are just a few things we do.

The domain of our software stretches from wildlife to common people and hardcore internet users to social networkers. We aim to provide the common people more power on the internet and want to bridge the gap between physical world and the digital world. The software we develop are very diverse and we like to keep it that way, have software for everything. The driving force behind all our projects is to concentrate on the real users on the internet.

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