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Where do you see yourself??

Web Designer

Code: #ir001

Making Web Pages, Designing Websites and Deciding Page Layouts and Colour Schemes. HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and Flash Banners. Do we say more?

Instrumentation Expert

Code: #ir002

Intrigued by Electronic Instruments? Join us and help our cause. Create the interface between the physical world and digital world. Instruments are essential to some of our projects and your passion for them can help us immensely.

Electronics Guru

Code: #ir003

Do you come from the world of BreadBoard’s and PCB’s? If you can make sense of Volts, Amperes and Watts, you can be a great help to us. Be the link in our projects by helping us with Electronic Interfacing, Hardware Development and more.

Graphic Designer

Code: #ir004

Graphic Designers with a creative edge and thinking, which is more out of the box than traditional, is what we value as a prime asset. Giving a product a good visual appearance with the right blend of colours, will be the forte of your work.


Code: #ir005

Do you stand out in the crowd and know your regional language fluently? By helping us with your inherent language you can greatly help us help the people of our country communicate in a way every voice is heard and understood.

PHP Expert

Code: #ir006

If you have mastered the art of talking to the server in PHP, you can help us on a number of our projects. Practise your skills in the industry's favourite language. PHP is very powerful and we need you to help us extract all its prowess.


Code: #ir007

Our marquee project is all about helping the farmers our country. If you have a knack for agriculture and know more about it than a common person, you can be an essential part of our team. Crop assessment, Crop rotation and Soil testing are just some tasks to name a few.

Market Analyst

Code: #ir008

Analyse the market about a particular product or commodity and do a full fledged research about it. Be our eyes and ears in the open market and help us improve and rise upto the level we aspire to. Market analysis happens with every project and with your vision we'll able to do a lot better.


Code: #ir009

Photography, as we understand, is a natural gift which is imparted to certain people. If you like to just pick up your camera and start shooting, you definitely have a passion for this gift. Going to remote places and national parks, you can fulfill your desire to shoot Landscapes, Portraits, Wildlife or Night Shots.

Algorithm Designer

Code: #ir0010

Does explaining basic concepts to a computer seem more logical than all the fuss that is made of it? If yes, then you are an algorithm designer. It is not essential you know a hardcore computer language but you should understand the crux of the problem and design an efficient algorithm to feed to our programmers.

Visual Interface Designer

Code: #ir0012

How a user interacts with system and operates it, laments the popularity of the system. Designing an attractive interface with user friendly controls is what we expect from Interface Designers.

Product Analyst

Code: #ir0013

Combine your skills in all trades and join us as a Product Analyst. IT or Electronics, you would have to ensure product research, development and launch.

Flash Developer

Code: #ir0014

Games, banners, ads, animation... Do it all with your knowledge of Adobe Flash.

JavaScript Engineer

Code: #ir0015

Help us empower the web. Our front end team is looking out for JavaScript specialists who can power up our products.

Content Weaver

Code: #ir0016

Flex your content writing muscles for apps, technical documents, blog posts, posters and the web. A challenge here is to combine your great language skills with your powers of persuation. An even harder task is to write content to power SEO. You've got to be at your innovative best!