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Trends have shifted from big brand names to realistic and meaningful projects. At the end of the day it always comes down to what you have learnt, what you can build, whom can u help. Its time to know the actual purpose of what you do every day you go to that office during your internship.

Life as an Intern

Here at RCorp your schedule is designed so that your first week is all about getting to know us and us getting to know you, your skills, your passions. Once you feel a part of the clan and are ready to pitch in, you are given time to plan and gather enough resources. During this, we’ll have lots of presentations, team meetings and live examples for your training in your respective field.

On your way, you meet photographers, agriculturists, poets, coders, social activists, market planners and so many more diverse fields welded in. By the time you reach the mid term and feel that you have found a niche with your team mates and colleagues, you have got half the deliverables plated up. What a day that really is!

We are passionate people with compassionate hearts

RCorp regularly take initiatives to contribute something to the under privileged or differently abled sections of our society. We welcome our interns to join us in our trips (or join them in theirs) to child care homes, JJ colonies, organizing donations in kind and explore other related issues that our country faces today. We are the young guns of this beautifully endowed white globe and share the luxury of routing our potential to all fields of human effort.

The end… of just the beginning!

Eventually when we come to the end of your term it is time to witness a beautifully worked upon element to be used by the generations to come. The things you get to produce, create or witness here are beyond imagination and limits. You get to make your mark in the industry. When we see the synergy, we’ll welcome you to the family with a full time job offer.

So why should you Intern with us?

Just off the top of our heads…

  • Do work that interests you.
  • Learn as you have fun
  • Work on innovative projects.

We are passionate about your potential. Together, we can create a better tomorrow. Apply Now

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