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Ramanan Corporation

Ramanan Corporation is an exciting new company that blends amazing creative talent with brilliant minds & powerful souls. Driven by eternal values, we develop products and services that can change the world.

Our Philosophy With KidsThe creation of RCorp was inspired by our great country. We know we can run a succcessful, profitable business without compromising our ethical principles. It is not just the right way but the only way by which success can be lasting.

We believe India is more than the hub of outsourcing. It is also a market with limitless opportunities. We aim to provide high quality technology products for the masses and top

Ramanan Corporation is a company dedicated to the happiness of its employees & value to its customers. Here we celebrate the most precious resource of all,
we celebrate YOU!


We believe in people. People with a purpose.
Passionate people with compassionate hearts.

Say no to monotonous jobs. We value your passions and want to give you the option of working on what excites you the most. Rules and regulations don’t restrict you from following your dreams.

People at RCorp can’t differentiate between work and leisure. We work to have fun!

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