Our Philosophy Our Philosophy

Greener Steps

Why Green?

greenThe common misconception is that only large companies with huge budgets can afford to go green. We wish to become an example that proves otherwise. The planet is shared by us all and it is our duty to use its resources sustainabily. RCorp believes that all of us should share responsibility of preserving the planet for future generations.

Green Steps

Almost all our work is done in a paperless environment. We use cloud computing services for basic tasks such as e-mail, documents, project schedules etc. Document sharing is done in a manner so as to minimize the number of hard copy printouts to be used.
Whenever it is important that we should use paper, we only use single sided re-usable paper for internal operations. We have manufactured writing pads made from one sided paper which is used by all our employees. We are also starting to [[sell]] them to other organisations and individuals…

Green Awareness

Our employees are upto date with issues such as global warming, endangered species etc. All of us take steps to contribute to the cause. From not wasting electricity by switching off fans, to using public transport like buses and the metro to even using the Aspen, a phone made entirely out of recycled materials!

Our Projects

Most of our projects are focussed on the issue of [[bettering]] nature. In Project Kalpana, we accept older hardware from companies and individuals and recycle them to be used by farmers for no profit from our side. This helps eliminate some of the e-waste generated in the country.
We are researching on software that can stop the atrocious poaching of Tigers. If one cannot persuade the authorities, we can at least empower individuals with technology to combat this evil on their own level.

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